About Education Asia

About Education Asia

Feb 26, 2019

Education  Asia  is  a  well-established  and Government registered Students-Recruitment Company & Test Preparation Center with major operation in Nepal, India and Australia with branch offices in major cities. We have been approved by Ministry of Education (MoE) to work as Legal Student-Recruitment Company in the country. We are also ICEF Recognized Agency (2014-2015/ 2925).
We are members of several professional organizations worldwide and most of our counselors are well Trained and Certified by British Council, ICEF, EATC, ENZ & many more. 
Education Asia has already built a strong reputation and trust among Nepali & overseas students, offering high quality & reliable services with its committed and dynamic working team for the client satisfaction as our most important business objective.


  • One of well established & respected companies providing career counseling & admissions since 2006.
  • Formed and Supported by a group of Businessmen, Educationalist, Lawyers, Migration Agents, Charted Accountants, Educational Institutions & many more.
  • Officially representing more 200 institutions from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India & many more.
  • Member of ECAN (Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal).
  • Committed to client satisfaction as our most important business objective.
  • Maintain highest standards of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Operate at all times within the laws of the countries in where we do business.
  • Be committed towards achieving success in each undertaking.


The students have a stellar role in nation building and education plays the most important and vital role. Higher education in a globalize society should assure equity of access to all students without any sort of bias and without in manner diluting the respect for cultural diversity as well as national sovereignty.

Education is increasingly becoming a costlier venture and no meritorious and aspiring student should miss out on his career / course selection for want of guidance and support and no student should be forced to compromise on his education for want of financial support or in the name of affordability.

Today, there is considerable interest among students in acquiring an internationally recognized professional degree from the best colleges and universities in the world.

Education Asia, with its excellent infrastructure, well qualified personnel is all set to expand its horizons by seeking representation from prestigious universities and colleges in Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore etc. Apart from this, Education Asia also seeks strategic tie-ups with leading International Companies, to strengthen their commitment to Nepal by creating a harmonious blend between academics and practical applications. Education Asia would channelize all endeavors to help and guide students in their pursuit of quality education in Nepal or abroad. Proper and timely guidance to the student community is the best service to the Nation.