Rambhu Sah


Rambhu Sah holds a British MBA degree from Anglia Ruskin University and He is the founder of Education Asia Pvt. Ltd and been working as CEO of the company since 2006. He has earned several professional credentials from institutions like ICEF, British Council, PIER & more. He has also participated in various workshops dealing with quality and professional recruitment processes to learn ideas on how to hire the best human resource and motivate them in the workplaces.

As an experienced and widely trained professional, Sah pays close attention to details and thinks through deeply and reflectively before making any decisions. He does not shy away from any challenges and believes that the only mantra to success is the sustained effort and dedication put towards the work.

Sah has extensively traveled across the globe to attend conferences and forge collaboration with Institutions in various countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand & other nations in Europe, and believes that one must have an open mind and be welcoming and appreciative of the various cultures and practices from around the world to maintain sustained and productive relationships.


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